Rotary hammer (RGH9028)

Rotary hammer (RGH9028)

₨ 4112.4 (GST Indclude)

Input power:800W
Max.drilling capacity: Concrete:26mm Steel:13mm Wood:30mm

Input power:800W
No-load speed:0-1100rpm
Impact rate:0-4000bpm
Impact energy:2.5J
Max. drilling capacity:
SDS plus chuck system
With 3 drills and 2 chisels
With 1set of extra carbon brushes
Packed by BMC


Doweling and drilling through holes in masonry and concrete walls are done with rotary hammers. It makes use of a piston mechanism rather than a unique clutch in order to drill larger holes faster by delivering more forceful hammer blows. A power tool called a rotary hammer machine is used for heavy-duty tasks like drilling and carving through tough materials. The purpose of this power tool is to chip or fragment concrete. It is mostly employed to remove hard surfaces, drill holes, and install pins and anchor bolts. Both the manufacturing and construction industries employ this equipment.

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